About me ? 

I'm just another man with a camera, with a passion for graphic design, music, documentary and lifestyle photography. I'm based in Copenhagen, Dk.

I grew up in Granville, France where I started messing around with collages and shouting when I was about sixteen years old and haven’t stopped since. I later moved to Caen to pursue my studies at university, before making Copenhagen my home in 2011. 

I consider myself as a self-learner. Lifelong learning is not over yet. My pursuit for personal and professional development is ongoing.

I enjoy creating stories with a cinematic approach. As well as working on my personal work, I’m also a dedicated musician.

I am always looking to expand my clientele and take on some more fun and interesting projects. I would love for you to get in touch with me for any and all of your design and collaboration needs". 

"Blood, sweat & Rock'n'roll ... !! Guillaume Blj, with his pictures, show that music should not only be heard, but also both felt and tasted". - GAFFA

(+45) 22596162